Thermador 30 Inch Pro Range PRG304GH Review

Thermador 30 Inch Pro Range PRG304GH

Thermador 30 Inch Pro Range PRG304GH

Thermador All Gas PRG304GH

Thermador is popular with great burners and a free dishwasher but it is not self-cleaning. There are better convection systems.

You  will definitely consider Thermador. In this video, I will compare it to Wolf, BlueStar, Miele and Jenn-Air, so you can see what may better for you.

Thermador All Gas Pro Range PRG304GH Video Review


The Thermador 30-inch all gas range is one of the popular professional ranges sold in the US. We will look at its key features and compare to its competitors like Wolf, Miele, Jenn-Air, Viking and BlueStar.

The cooktop is the best part of the range. The burners are all sealed, making it easier to clean. At 18,000 BTU per burner it is the most powerful range of its class. With more total output than Wolf, Jenn-Air, Miele and Viking. Only Capital and BlueStar are more powerful, but the burners are open and harder to clean.

In terms of simmering, Thermador again, is the best with a 200 BTU simmer on two of the burners. At the lowest settings, the burner will turn on and off to maintain this low temperature. So if you like to slow cook and melt chocolate, Thermador is be the best choice.

The Thermador burner has a unique Star shape, so it places more even heat onto your pan. You will like the way the burner sits up from the surface, so it is easier to clean underneath unlike traditional sealed burners.

Like most pro gas ranges such as Wolf, Viking, BlueStar, Capital, Thermador does not have any controls such as a clock and timer or any other automatic oven programs. In all gas, only Jenn-Air and Miele have those functions. Most of those controls are limited to dual fuel ranges.

The oven is single convection, which is similar to most upscale residential gas ranges.

Convection is fan forced heat, so it keeps a more even temperature throughout the range.

Miele and Jenn-Air now offer twin convection for even more consistency.

I should also mention that Thermador is not self-cleaning. It may seem incredible to buy a non-self-cleaning range in this day and age, but keep in mind Jenn-Air and Miele offer self cleaning in an all gas pro.

Lastly, Thermador has the most aggressive rebates for luxury brands. This range sells for $4,149 but also includes a $1,200 dishwasher. So after the free dishwasher, this range is priced like a high-end slide-in range.

[So should you buy the Thermador Pro?]

Well the range is decent with a single gas convection but there are better alternatives. There are no automatic oven functions, so if you want to touch a button to cook your food, then check out regular slide-ins or a dual fuel professional range.

However, if you do a lot of cooking on the burners, and want high-output with the best simmer, then Thermador should definitely be considered.