New for 2017: LG Signature Washer / Dryer Combo – TWINWash™ System

LG signature washer dryer

LG may well end the days of washing machines being clunky, frustrating boxes that never seem to work quite the way you want with its forthcoming SIGNATURE Combo TWINWash™ System. Designed to offer extra convenience and efficiency, the combo washer-dryer can save you time and money while offering extra comfort and convenience. It does all of this in a sleek white futuristic-looking form.

It will be available in early 2017 and will cost $3,699. While it’s clearly not intended for those on a strict budget, its luxury features make it a compelling option to consider within the luxury appliance market and worth a closer look.

LG Signature Washer Dryer Combo Unit

lg signature washer dryer

It’s avant-garde looks will surely impress your wife

The TWINWash™ System is exactly that: a system rather than just a washing machine. That is, it’s both a washer and dryer in one. This means no more transferring clothes from a top-loading washing machine to a front-loading dryer, inevitably dropping at least one sock in the process. It also means there’s no need to deal with the laundry mid-way through the process; it goes in dirty, and comes out clean and dry.

The LG SideKick™, which is automatically included with the TWINWash™ System, is a second, smaller washing machine that serves as a functional base for the larger machine. It operates completely independently, meaning it’s possible to wash your light and dark (or delicate and normal) loads simultaneously. It can also operate completely separately, for those times you only need to do a small load.

With the system’s TurboWash technology, you can save up to half an hour on your wash cycle. Unlike equivalent settings on some other washing machines, a new washing system in this machine means that this works even for heavily soiled loads.

lg mini washer white

AddWash Drawer Below for Two Washes at Once

Money-Saving Features

In addition to saving time, as previously discussed, the TurboWash technology also saves water. This machine’s TurboWash doesn’t just use the same amount of water (or more!) in less time in an ineffective attempt to wash clothes quickly. Instead, the technology uses a new method of cleaning that actually uses less water to get the job done. In addition to helping the environment, saving water also helps reduce bills each month and puts more money in your pocket.

The LG SIGNATURE Combo TWINWash™ System doesn’t only save water in the wash cycles; it also includes energy-saving technology in the drying cycles. According to LG’s fact sheet, the dryer only uses about half as much energy as a conventional dryer. Best of all, thanks to its smartphone compatibility (which you can read more about below), you can track the energy usage on your phone to see just how much you’re saving.

lg washingcontrolpanel

Controls promise to be seamlessly integrated

Extra Comfort and Convenience

Remember the old days of washing machines that shook and rattled, and sometimes even rocked themselves inches out of place? Of course the modern versions do this less, but the LG SIGNATURE Combo TWINWash™ System goes a step further. It uses a suspension system that the company describes as “similar to those found in today’s luxury automobiles.” In other words, this washing machine only rocks in the good ways!

The machine’s smartphone-compatible features give you ability to remotely operate the system and do laundry at your convenience. Instead of spending your evening dealing with starting and monitoring your laundry, imagine remotely starting the load an hour before you leave work, so you get home to warm, dry clothes ready to hang or fold. The smartphone technology will also notify you when you need to add more detergent. As mentioned in the “Money-Saving Features” section, it also helps you assess how much water and power you’re using (and saving).

OLED Capacitive Touch controlled interface

OLED Capacitive Touch controlled interface

The front of the TWINWash™ System boasts a swanky LCD display that controls both the main machine and the SideKick, allowing you to choose all your washing and drying settings in one place.

The system saves users from needing to estimate or measure laundry detergent. Instead, you fill the machine with detergent, and it automatically dispenses detergent in the correct amount based on its assessment of how soiled your clothes are.

Overall it promises to be quite the innovative laundry appliance for 2017, and we will have to see once it is released how it well it stacks up to all its promised features.