Old Manor Polished Into A Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat

Originally built in the 1980s, this once rustic and outdated manor was recently transformed into the beautiful contemporary retreat it is now. The building was not only renovated but also expanded. This was done by Rios Clementi Hale Studios, a multidisciplinary design firm founded back in 1985.

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - lawn and garden

The studio’s interdisciplinary and collaborative approach ensures each project is beautifully thought through from start to finish. The architects and designers are always looking for new design opportunities and new ways to improve each project and to exceed the client’s expectations. Their experience with complex design challenges helped them carefully plan out this transformation.

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - vertical facade and pathway

The residence is located in Los Angeles, California and its renovation was completed in 2014. The house already has a great orientation with views of the canyon so nothing was changes from this point of view. The architects also chose to keep the original footprint of the height and to preserve the height and pitch of the roof.

Los Angeles manor renovation pool

However, this doesn’t mean that the house remained unchanged from an exterior design point of view. Its appearance changed quite a bit. The most notable feature is the series of vertical aluminum fins that protect the interior spaces from direct sunlight and also give the house a modern and sculptural appearance.

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat -porch

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - outdoor deck

The original materials used for the exterior of the house were also replaced by something new. Slate tiles were used for the roof and gray cedar siding for the rest, the result being a clean and simple look that somehow also preserve a little bit of the house’s original rustic charm.

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - reflecting pool

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - entryway

The building is T-shaped and surrounded by beautiful green lawns. A strip of gravel outlines the footprint of the house, separating it from the landscape. Large cantilevered windows offer expansive views of the surroundings and bring the outdoors in.

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - lounge living room

A reflecting pool and illuminated bridge create a rather sophisticated and dramatic view for the entrance area. Upon entering the house the layout is immediately revealed. A central circulation space connects all the rooms.

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - social area

The perpendicular wing at the front of the property houses features such as the guest room, the gym, the garage, screening rooms but also the staircases. All the other functions are organized on either side of the central corridor. The home office is situated at the mezzanine level.

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - renovation kitchen

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - white painted vaulted

Most of the rooms kept their original position in the house although some changes were also made. The master bedroom, for example, was moved from the South-West corner to the North-East of the property. It now has views of the pool and the landscape beyond. It now also has two en-suite bathrooms.

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - loft area

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - staircase

The social areas are bring and open. Skylights illuminate the living areas as well as the bedrooms and modern art adorns the walls adding color to the spaces. The old chimneys were rebuilt and now have a more modern and simplistic design in accordance with the rest of the décor.

Contemporary Farmhouse Retreat - bedroom

Simplicity and transparency define the new design and atmosphere. The architects and designers employed natural textures and materials throughout and worked with dark-stained oak, stone, metal and glass with the intention of capturing some of the original charm and authentic character of the house while also giving it the updated look its owners wanted.