Kinetix Twist Blender by Breville Review

In recent years, blenders have come back in vogue. Smoothies are popular as a quick, easy and delicious way to boost your fruit and veggie consumption. But that’s not the only thing you can make with your blender – dips, soups, nut butters, sauces, ice cream, and even chopped nuts and bread crumbs can all be made using a blender these days. With so many powerful blenders now on the market, unique features make all the difference.

Breville has been one of the major brands driving the 21st century blender revolution, with modern innovations including ‘The Boss’ blender which earned a Canstar Blue award in 2014. Now Breville can boast another innovative new product in the form of the Kinetix Twist blender.

What makes the Kinetix Twist blender different?

breville blender kintetix twist

The key feature of the Kinetix Twist blender is the citrus cone accessory which allows you to juice directly into the blender, making it even easier to add a bit of a tang to your favourite blended creations.

Citrus juice is a popular addition to many popular smoothies and cocktails, and this integrated reamer on the lid makes it easy to add that extra highlight to your favourite recipes. You can squeeze in the juice of lemons, limes or oranges directly into the blender – not only a convenient solution, but also one that makes cleaning up afterwards easier too.

Not only does the Kinetix Twist come with this unique feature, but it also delivers the sort of powerful performance you would expect from a Breville blender – combining a high torque motor and carefully refined blade and bowl system, with central blades that crush and chop accompanied by separate bowl-hugging blades that whip and aerate for creamer results. It represents a departure from traditional blending as the following video shows:

The Kinetix range of Breville blenders come with four manual speeds to choose from for different blending results, even performing some functions you would normally need a food processor to do. The tempered, shatterproof, lightweight jug is far stronger than other polycarbonate jugs, which means it can survive far more dishwasher cycles. That saves you the effort of hand-washing under the blades when you just want to blend and go with your morning smoothie.

There’s also a self-cleaning button to help make cleaning up easier. The lightweight polycarbonate jug is also much lighter than the glass used by other blenders while still strong and scratch-resistant.

If you like the Kinetix blade and bowl system, why not check out the full range to see which specialised blender best suits your needs?