Tips To DIY A Paper Towel Holder

The kitchen should be an extension of the person using it and in order to make it feel as comfortable and as user-friendly as possible a few customization projects are needed. There are lots of DIY projects for the kitchen to choose from. That’s definitely something you can craft by yourself. For example, let’s say you need a paper towel holder. And just to show you how many different options there are, we’ve put together a top 10 with the simplest and most stylish we could find.

DIY Paper Towel Holder

 First you need to drill a hole in the middle of the base. Secure it with glue.There’s this super simple DIY paper towel holder we showed you a while ago. You can add your own twist to the design by painting or decorating the holder however you want. You can make the base yourself out of wood or you can find something you can use for this part. That’s pretty much the whole project. All you need for the project is a big, round wooden base, a round dowel, a drill and some strong glue. Then sand it down to make it all smooth and insert the dowel in the hole.

Concrete and wood paper towel holder

 This time, however, the base is made of wood instead of concrete. Use the glue gun to adhere the dowel to the wooden plaque that will serve as a base. Paint the end cap and then place it on top of the dowel. Then cut it to the desired size.You can find a similar project on Poppytalk. Here\s what you need for this project: a 1’’ wooden dowel, a round wooden plaque, a 1’’ copper end cap, a glue gun and brass colored spray paint. First measure the dowel and decide how long you want it to be.

Insert the dowel at the center and let the concrete dry. You can then remove the dowel and use tape and gold leaf to decorate the top section. The other materials needed for the design featured on Annamarialarson include a wooden dowel, some tape, a container to use as a mold, gold leaf and a drill. Cut the dowel to the desired length and then mix your concrete and pour it into the container. Actually if you don’t need it to be removable, just leave it there after the concrete sets. Then just put it back in.You’ll want your new paper towel holder to be sturdy and stable so a good idea might be to use concrete for the base.


Create a towel paper holder

Then also drill a hole in one end of the dowel. Attach the screw and the washer to the dowel and secure it to the plate. You’ll also need a 1’’ #6 screw, a #6 flat washer, a decorative knob and a dowel.A rather different and unusual idea is offered on Burlapandblue. The suggestion here is to use a desert place as a base for the paper towel holder. Then screw the knob in the other end. After you cut the dowel, drill a hole at the center of the plate.

Copper hanging towel paper holder

 You need a copper pipe, a female to male copper elbow, a copper cap, a reducer, a thread to tube adapter, a female to female elbow and a galvanized floor flange. The project is quite simple actually.How about a paper towel holder with a little bit of industrial appeal? You can check out the tutorial on Squirrellyminds to find out all about it. You’ll also need 4 screws, steel wool and glue. All the instructions you need are detailed in the full tutorial.

Then attach the floor flanges to the board using screws. For this one you’ll need a wooden board, two galvanized pipes, two galvanized floor flanges and a galvanized tee. Prep the board and paint it, stain it or decorate it however you want.We also found a tutorial for an industrial-style paper towel holder on Nelliebellie. This is a great design for a small cleaning station. You can also add caps if you want. Screw the pipes into the flanges and add the tee.


Wood and copper counte paper towel storage

 You can stain or paint the wooden base to customize this project a bit more. To make one just like it you need a piece of wood, a copper pipe, a copper cap, strong glue, a drill, a saw and wood stain or paint.Continuing on the same note, let’s also have a look at the copper and wood paper towel holder featured on Almostmakesperfect. Put the cap on as well. Then mark the center and drill a hole there. Insert the copper pipe (after you made sure it has the right length) and glue it in place. Cut the board and give it any shape you want.

Farmhouse wooden tote towel paper storage

Check out the idea offered on Knickoftime for some inspiration. You can basically make something similar out of some reclaimed wood or some wooden cutting boards and a breadboard. You can use stencils to customize each side or to write something on the paper towel holder. By the way, it will double as a storage container for kitchen utensils and other things.Perhaps a rustic design would suit your kitchen more.

Globe paper towel holder

 This marvelously simple idea comes from Jaderbomb.Of course, it would easier to just buy a paper towel holder. But they don’t usually have the right color for your kitchen so unless you enjoy the standard look you’ll have to do something about that. It’s really simple actually. So find your favorite color and start painting. You can just spray paint it.

Of course, the stand would have to be big enough to hold a roll of paper towels. So here’s how it all goes: after you remove the globes and use them for your other project, you can easily turn the empty stand into a paper towel holder. You don’t even have to modify anything.The project featured on Lovelyetc shows you how to make a chic paper towel older and as a bonus how to re-purpose vintage globes into beautiful decorations.


Wooden beads hanging paper towel holder

These are even easier to make than the ones described so far. You can just make a wall-mounted one.But what if you’d rather not waste precious counter space with things like paper towel holders? Well, there’s a simple solution in this case. Have a look at the design we found on Idainteriorlifestyle to see how it would look like. You can just use a string of wooden beads and a nail.

Pipe kitchen towel paper holder

 You can even paint them if you want or leave them like that if you prefer the raw industrial look. The holder is pretty easy to make and you can use any type of pipes you want.There’s also the option to make a pipe holder which you can mount on the side of one of your kitchen cabinets. It would look similar to the one on itsy-bits-and-pieces.