Tips On How To DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins

Plant and botanical prints are huge right now, so I wanted to bring this trend to the dinner table with a tutorial for these DIY Cactus Print Napkins.Gone are the days of plain table settings.

DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins Supplies

DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins Pink

Here’s what you will need:

  • Lino block
  • Lino carving tool (gouge – I used a small and large)
  • Marker Pen
  • Fabric Pigment Ink (look for a permanent one that stays after washing)
  • Plain Napkins
  • Iron
DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins Cuttinng

Begin by drawing your design in marker onto the linoleum block. I went for a classic cactus shape. Try sketching your design out on paper beforehand to get the shape and size how you would like it. Remember that anything you draw will be printed in reverse onto the napkins.

DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins Cut

You can also heat the lino a little to make it softer (I tried a hair dryer for a few seconds) and it will be easier to carve.

I used the larger gouge to remove the main areas of lino. Inside the black marker areas will be left uncarved and this will be the design which is printed onto your napkins.How-To-Lino-Cut

DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins Gouge

Using a smaller gouge, I carved some details out inside the cactus shape. Make sure you are always carving away from yourself and your hands as the gouge tools can be a little sharp! I also used a craft knife to trim my lino stamp down a little.

DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins Pigment ink

Next, you can ink your stamp by pressing it into the pigment ink pad. Ensure there is a generous amount of ink added for good coverage. Alternatively for a bolder print, you can use lino inks and a roller to cover the stamp.

DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins StampingTo make stamping a little easier, you can attach your carved stamp to a wooden or acrylic block. This will give you something to hold onto and press down on when making your design.

DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins Inking

Continue inking and pressing your design onto the napkins. Apply firm pressure each time you stamp and lift the stamp from one side to the other when taking it off. Once your pattern covers the napkin, iron to set the design.

DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins Craft

I’d love to see which designs you try. You could make fruit printed napkins, ice cream napkins for summer, anything you like!

DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins Green

I think these napkins would be great for a mexican themed dinner party. I need to make some tacos or breakfast burritos I think!

DIY Lino Print Cactus Napkins Modern

Happy making!